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Friend of the week – Chris Tirchle

No Comments 23 July 2014

Not only did we hang out 3 times this week but his inspiration and sensitivity are beyond compare.

We discussed, at length, the age old question- Jack in the box: the fast food chain or the toy? What truly set Chris above the competition this week is when I farted. I farted, it smelled terrible and Chris said, “It’s ok. Everybody farts. This general area will smell better sometime.”

And I thought, “You’re right Chris. Farts are like opinions; everyone has them and they usually stink. It doesn’t matter that mine is taking the paint off the walls; terrible farts have happened before and they will probably happen again…and most likely by me. Thanks Chris. I’ll recover.”

Thanks, Chris. Congratulation on being The Shade’s Friend of the Week!

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