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Depressive of the Week

No Comments 18 April 2012

(Yawn) If you read the internet…which I KNOW you DO – because you’re like me and are just wasting time until imminent death –  then you’ve probably read about Victoria Beckham and her miserable goddam birthday ‘cake’. A plate of fruit….really? Get over yourself.

No no, I get it. Eat healthy and live longer so you can ‘enjoy life’ right? Great Idea. The world should probably be a good place with all the nuclear proliferation we’ve got going on. No, seriously.

I’ve got some news for you Vicky we’re all going to end up as a pile of bones and bullshit anyways. You, me and Louie Anderson. So at the end of the day who wins eh? Not to mention you could get hit by a bus tomorrow THEN where would all this ‘healthy living’ get you? Stupid bitch.

Not that I care,

Mr. Miserable

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