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Shades of Gray

Can we just agree…

No Comments 30 May 2014

1. While the 4th of July will always be celebrated on the 4th, Independence should always be the first friday in July and be a national holiday. When the holiday falls mid week or on a weekend it stinks. If there’s one thing American is good at it’s rounding up consensus on 3 day weekends. Let’s get this one eh?

2. Fred Savages performance in Austin Power’s Goldmember should not be overlooked

3. You should not use term ‘FYI’ while you’re talking. If you do, people should be allowed to slap you.

4. Stop telling people to “Have fun”…we don’t need your goddam blessing.

5. Robert Palmer’s work was better in the 1970s than it was in the 80s. Anyone who disagrees is a moron.

Piss off.

Shades of Gray

Can we just agree….

No Comments 18 April 2014

Can we just agree….

1. Saying ‘No Worries’ when you’re not Australian is obnoxious and awful and people who say it should get slapped

2. If you’re not from the UK don’t use ‘Cheers’ when you should be saying ‘Goodbye’ – Save everyone involved the embarrassment.

3. When you chew food it shouldn’t sound like the spin cycle in my washer.

4. Adults should be limited with their exposure to technology just like children

5. Everyone should go to New Orleans at least once in their life to know a place like that exists in America

6. Adults should not use the word ‘bestie’

I’m done.

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