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Bird of Prey Showcase – The Larry Bird

1 Comment 27 April 2012

One of the most unique and largest birds of prey found in North America is the Larry Bird.  They can typically grow to 6 feet 9 inches and weigh about 220 pounds.  Their breeding grounds are typically in the mid-West region of the United States, more centrally located in southern Indiana.

From early on in their lives Larry Birds are known to hone their craft in hunting down and exposing the weaknesses, both known and learned of their enemies.  It may seem like fun and games but Larry Birds take their hunting prowess very seriously.

In their late adolescents they leave the nest and go out on their own usually returning after one year.  They then spend one more year fine tuning technique and head off into the world.  The process of leaving is referred to in most circles as the “Draft.”  The pattern most Larry’s follow is towards the Eastern seaboard and settling in quaint towns and cities, most notably Boston, MA.

Once Larry’s settle down in southern New England they will battle to maintain their “home” territory about 41 times year* and even travel vast lengths of the United States in hopes of striking down enemies and expanding their territory or gaining “Championships,” as some people call it.

The most known and volatile enemy of the Larry is a flashy and colorful beast known as a Laker.  Sometimes these formidable foes will seemingly fight to the death just to dust off and try it all again the next year.  After a long and grueling year that sometimes sees these graceful birds wounded or “on the sidelines” they go back to the nest to recover for a few months in the hopes they will be ready to head back east by mid fall.

In the latter stages of a Larry’s hunting life they will get a bunch of their friends together and head to Barcelona for the summer where their techniques and skill will be showcased one last time in a trouncing of the entire world.  This is the only known time in either of their lives when a Laker and a Larry are known to work together.

If you have any desire to learn more about the Larry Bird check out such films as Blue Chips or Space Jam where their exploits are clearly identified.

*raising that number usually means it’s been a good year for the Larry

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Daily Bird of Prey Showcase – Golden Eagle

No Comments 23 April 2012

Damn golden eagles are badass,

Their wingspan is in excess of 7 feet, they have razor-sharp talons and they can cover an area of up to 60 square miles. Golden eagles are the Andrew Carnegie of birds of prey. They snack on everything from marmots, foxes, and bears to reptiles and hipsters. They mean business. Period.

Yosemite National Park has been a de-facto sanctuary for golden eagles for the past century. The Yosemite golden eagle population and its environment have remained relatively intact through the twentieth century. However, on a national scale since 1940, the Code of Federal Regulations has listed the species as endangered.

The unique seismic activity of Yosemite give it an abundance of fragmented rock structures and their accompanying cliffs which golden eagles prefer for nesting (particularly between 5,000 to 7,000 feet…which Yosemite has in spades).


The golden eagle is the most common national animal in the world with 5 nations giving it that distinction: Albania, Austria, Mexico, Kazakhstan and Germany. The traditional reverence given to the symbolic image of the golden eagle traces the historical ties between the modern world and its roots in Roman civilization.

The image of the golden eagle was representative of the Roman legions. As the Roman Empire thrived and expanded the golden eagle began to serve as a symbol of Roman culture in general. The legacy that Roman life left on American society can be seen in our:

  • Adoption of the bald eagle (close relative to the golden) as our national symbol
  • Use of the word Senate as the upper house of Congress
  • Perseverance of the Roman numeral system
  • The prevalence of neo classical architecture in American public buildings
  • The primary character in Super Mario Bros being of Italian descent
  • Italian ice

Stick all that in your pipe and have a puff.

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