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Ain’t No Coffee and Tea

1 Comment 11 November 2011

Ah, Monday morning. How can this day get any worse?

Hi Joel, how are you today? She asks in that ‘I love being here and I plan on making a difference today’ tone.

Couldn’t be better I replied. It was a lie. I could have been better but she thought it was genuine.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

After replaying some of the events of the weekend in my head I reply – Yes, I did – and then sat down. I thought briefly about elaborating on my fun events of the weekend but was stricken with the fear of ridiculous babble so early in the morning. What would she ask? It was a dark road I was trying to avoid but here it comes.

You know what I did this weekend?

As I swallowed the slightly regurgitated breakfast from a short while ago I replied ‘No, what?’.

I went up to Buffalo for a wedding reception type party, it was really fun. Me and my husband drove up with my parents.

That sounds agonizing I thought loudly but said quietly.

What we typically do to make the time go by faster is listen to a book on the drive. You know….we get a book on CD and let it play. It’s a fun and interesting way to spend a drive. We picked up the Da Vinci Code. Do you like to do that?


Do you like listening to books on long drives?

I typically listen to music when I’m driving, because I like listening to music for fun and to pass the time

Yeah, music can be good too. Then we got there and there was a buffet and music and it was just a good fun day. My nephew was actually the DJ. He is coming out with a CD you know. He actually has a few CDs out.

Like a CD of music he plays for people? He makes his own music?

Oh, he makes his own music. Its like that rave kind of music. You know what?

I can only imagine at this point.

I used to think that rave music was for people that were in…..like a cult. But now I think it is just fun and happy and people just really have a good time listening to it.

I’m now in a much better place mentally, thinking of the times me and my friends have enjoyed our cult gatherings. I asked a question about the amount of drum and bass involved in his music. I don’t think the question was understood.

As she went on talking about the drive home I started paying less and less attention. I had my headphones in at that point and was thinking about my next cult gathering.

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