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No Comments 12 February 2012

Checking It Out

The Flip Side

No Comments 01 February 2012

A look in to the flip side of things.

Directed by Jay Diaz @jdiazfilm
Cinematography by Tony Joun @filmmanian
Produced by
Brian Thomas Smith @btscali
Daniel Marcha @dmarcha
Tony Joun
Jay Diaz

Checking It Out, Shades of Gray

Tom Robbins on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

No Comments 27 January 2012

Two of The Shades favorites coalesce. In all honesty I think the reality show Robbins suggests – “Fungi for the Straight Guy sounds like a great” would be a great idea.

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Wes Anderson may have done it again

No Comments 14 January 2012

Moonrise Kingdom



“Il’l be out back. I’m going to find a tree to chop down.

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Phil RetroSpector – Bluebird Blackout

No Comments 12 January 2012

Harry Dean Stanton – Bluebird by Charles Bukowski
Muse – Blackout
All Angels – Flower Duet
Bob Dylan – Man of Constant Sorrow

Phil RetroSpector YouTube page

Phil RetroSpector is an audio-visual artist. Widely regarded as the ‘undisputed master of melancholy’, his eclectic and cinematic style has taken this global underground scene by storm.

This reclusive figure mixes emotion rather than beats, stretching the very fabric of popular music (from Hi-Brow to Lo-Fi),to new and exciting contextual arenas.

His debut audio sampler, Intro/Version is a sonic journey featuring moody bootlegs & haunting remixes of Johnny Cash, David Lynch, Charles Bukowski via The Beatles & Muse.

He has also produced original audio-visual artwork for Absolut Art Collection.

Checking It Out

This Man is Correct 100% of the Time.

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Checking It Out

National Live Music Day T.W Snicket Pick

No Comments 06 January 2012

As it is our favorite holiday over hear at Shade Headquarters (El Rancho).  I couldn’t go with out adding an all time favorite.

Rolling Stones – Street Fighting Man – 1973

The pure Rawness of this performance does it for me.

If you don’t love Live Music you need a serious tug.


Checking It Out, Shades of Gray

National Live Music Day – January 5

No Comments 05 January 2012

To Whom It May Inspire,

Live music gives soul to the universe, flight to the imagination and life to pretty much everything under the sun. When done right its electric. For any of you that have attended a concert on a Friday night and have experience the collective sigh of relief from the audience when the first note rings out ….you know what I’m talking about.

For me, attending live music has always been as close to a religious experience I’ve ever had (minus that one time with Arthur at the RMV). Not every one of course, but there are moments. Its hot. The music is loud and saying something. Everything you think you know drops off and you get loose. You become part of The Movement. Not anything social or political. Its more of a physical, visceral thing. The bass starts to make your throat tingle and your loins sizzle. You can’t be more in the present when this moment happens. Embrace it.

Don’t think too much about it, just enjoy. Kiss a boy, or girl. Smile. Shake your booty and try to sweat as much as possible. Do your best to ‘get caught up in it’ in whatever way suits you best.

National Music Day is a staff favorite here at The Shade home offices. We’re knocking off early today to have a few wine spritzers and enjoy some of our favorite live performers. I’ll leave you with a personal favorite of mine…Mr. Robert Randolph. I’d love to hear a few of yours so please leave a comment with a link.

Adventure is out there.


Checking It Out, Music, Shades of Gray

Portugal The Man – All Your Light

No Comments 22 December 2011

Checking It Out, Shades of Gray

Radiolab Presents: 99% Invisible

No Comments 20 December 2011

The guys at Radiolab continue to do good work.

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