Music Tuesdays – Festival Express (and enough of Arcade Fire already)

No Comments 10 September 2013


It’s Tuesday so we’re focusing on Music around the office. Normally this is my favorite day of the week because I like to wiggle and listen to music while I stare out the window. But T.W. is annoying the crap out of me today. He’s more annoying than a hangnail. More annoying than the elusive last Cheerio in your cereal bowl! You know?!

And it all comes down to Arcade Fire. Yes, that same band that won the Grammy in 2011 for album of the year. What gives Arcade? No one heard of you at the time you won and  no one’s heard from you since. Go back under your rock and work on your hip comb over. IF winning another Grammy next year will make you go away for another 2….I could live with that arrangement. The Grammy’s validity died in the toilet with Elvis.

T.W.’s walking around with tight black jeans, talking about equal exchange coffee and predicting what ‘mainstream’ people will be into in 3 months. He reminds me of a piece of yarn that’s holding a turd to a trash can.

Indie rock is dead and good riddance. To help you get your head clear from all that mumbo jumbo today’s Music Highlight focuses on Buddy Guy. If you’d like to watch the whole Festival Express film (which I recommend) you can view it here.

Stay strong guys….the hipsters will be out of our hair soon so we can press on.



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Music Tuesdays – The Mighty Imperials

No Comments 06 August 2013


The Mighty Imperials were introduced to me by Reins while we were thumbing to a Country Store in the backwoods of Maine earlier this summer. Our supply of juicy fruit was at an all time low, the black flies were vicious and morale was on the floor. I’ll be honest, I had a case of the weary dismals that hasn’t been known since the Dust Bowl.

We packed up camp and split the last warm budweiser we found at the bottom of Reins pack before we hit the road. If we were going to make to the Ish Canoe we needed more gum, jerky and some alcohol. I was all but beat sitting on the side of road. I must have been a sight for sore eyes. Dirty, one shoe lost to the mud pit and not a smile in sight.

At that very moment Reins finagled a bit more juice from the tivi and plugged in his ipod. He had 3 minutes of juice left, maybe 4. Deducing precisely what I needed at that very moment he ripped the opening track to Thunder Chicken, The Mighty Imperials first (and only) LP release.

Before long I was doing the 3 foot sidewinder in the streets and was back on my feet. Reins did it again. We mustered up the gusto to get to that Country Store. We got our provisions and rocked that Ish Canoe, hard.

I’ll never forget what The Mighty Imperials did for me that morning. Maybe you’ll like them too?

Read more about the Imperials here, and listen to some stuff here and here.

Donations and/or advice for next years Ish Canoe can be sent to


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Live Music Review – PUSA

No Comments 15 April 2013

I went to see The Presidents; not the leaders of various countries but the band.  As I sidled up to the bar not only was I greeted by a very attractive barmaid with blond hair, green eyes, and a short dress that hugged all the right places (the kind of woman that looked like she could really throw down a solid “warrior 1”) but also, quite possibly, the drunkest guy in the place.

She asked the typical question, “What can I get for you?”  So boring, I was hoping for something more.  Just then Leonard, the inebriated, looked over and asked a much more illuminating question, “Do you like The Presidents?”  I promptly ignored the beauty and turned my full attention to Leonard.

“Yes, I do like them.  How about you?”

Leonard nodded yes and proceeded to give me a fist bump.  After a few seconds he turned to me and asked, Do you like The Presidents?

To which I said, “I’m familiar with their catalog but I’d have to see them live before I make my final decision.”

“Yo, they are playing here tonight.  They’ll be going on in a few minutes,” Leonard informed me.

“Wait, they’re playing here tonight?”  I questioned.  “Shit bro, must be karma.  I’ll finally get to see them to make the ultimate decision.”

Leonard turned toward the stage and then back to me.  He then came out with something I thought we had covered but perhaps not in the detail he had hoped for, “Do you like these guys?”

This prodding made me profess my true intentions.  “I don’t like them.  I’m not fan.  I enjoy paying money to attend live concerts to boo and heckle the entire show.  You know, to make everyone else have a bad time.”

He shook his head repeatedly and now wanted some answers to “real” questions like; “why would you do that,” “but seriously do you like them,” and “why would you do that?”

The only logical answer was, “I enjoy other people’s misery, don’t you?”

Leonard then ended out interaction with another fist bump and said, “I’m gonna go work my magic.”

He wandered off into the crowd never to be seen again.  The band came on and played a solid set.  I’ll go see them again.



Fuck Me. This is it. Van The Man: Van Morrison – Tupelo Honey – Live with Pee Wee Ellis

No Comments 13 April 2013

Where are you?

Think about that


Fuck Me

This is IT


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Top Ten Songs over 10 minutes

No Comments 01 February 2013


As would be purveyors of righteousness we like to have an eye toward the future while being rooted in our past. As Ziggy Marley posits in his hit single Tomorrow People “If ya don’t know ya past, ya don’t know ya future”

We like the internet. We were pioneers of virtual reality back in the early 90s. But we also like leather bound books and extended periods of time in remote cabins with nothing but our wits and a 10 lbs bag of rice for sustenance.

We’re troubled at the lack of attention span with today’s youth. With the deluge of external stimuli easily accessible these days its not hard to understand why. So, with this edition of The Shade’s Top 10 we want to give our readers a reason to sit down for a spell, slow down and just relax. Without further adieu we bring to you The Shade’s Top 10 List of Songs Over 10 Minutes

10. Mozart – String Quartet No. 16 in E flat major: Exquisite and mind bending. Give it a good listen and you just might learn something.

9. Genesis – Supper’s Ready: Phil was really jelling with the rest of the boys during this period which was history suggests was their most tumultuous

8. Pink Floyd – Echoes: This epic speaks for itself.

7. Funkadelic – Maggot Brain – The last time the band would have all the pieces of the puzzle together this masterpiece shoots sonic laser beams right into your frontal lobe.

6. Fela Kuti – Expensive Shit: Fela is  just a powerful being and his power is manifested in this piece.

5. The Mars Volta – L’Via L’Viaquez: The Mars Volta used to do something no other bands were doing. Then they stopped for some reason. Thank goodness we still have remnants like this.

4. Creedence Clearwater Revival – I Heard It Through The Grapevine: I’m glad Fogerty decided to let his freak/soul flag fly for at least one track in his illustrious career.

3. John Coltrane – My Favorite Things: I was shocked/pumped to find out this tune (in its original format was over 10 minutes. Reason being I always get so caught up in the melody when I listen that time slips by.

2. The Doors – The End: It means something different every time you hear it. Also possibly the greatest song to play after breaking up with Jenny Bloomfield (Slut).

1. Maceo Parker – Shake Everything: I dare you to put this on and NOT start a party.


Harry Nilsson Taking You Into The Weekend

No Comments 18 January 2013

Rare footage of Nilsson’s  “Don’t Leave Me,” from his 1968 Aerial Ballet album, on French television.


It is the Anniversary of the Kings Birth – Respects must be made

No Comments 08 January 2013

Many things have been said about Elvis Presley and many more will be said in time.  Today hear at Shade HQ we celebrate the birth of Elvis – An American God.

No matter if you are a religious or not do not be mistaken, Elvis is an American God.  In the hierarchy of our American Gods Elvis rains supreme.

Enjoy, celebrate, do a line of coke and some pills, and remember The King.


Bonus – Elvis Presley In Concert: Aloha From Hawaii: January 14, 1973





TAME IMPALA- Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

No Comments 21 November 2012

Track taken from Tame Impala’s New Album ‘Lonerism’, out now, everywhere and on Modular.
Designed and directed by Becky Sloan & Joseph Pelling.

Made up from over 1000 separate plasticine collages all individually made by hand.

Individual frames from the video are available from

2D Animation: Joseph Pelling

Plasticine collage animators: Becky Sloan, Azusa Nakagawa,Theo Nunn.

Assisted by: Ben Austin, Ellie Pritchard, Matt King.

Compositing: Joseph Pelling, Theo Nunn.

Special Thanks to: Dipa Thanki, Margaux Soland, THIS IS IT Collective and Modular Records.


Three Dog Night Thursday: Mama told me not to come

No Comments 18 October 2012

Want some whiskey in your water
Sugar in your tea
What’s all these crazy questions they askin’ me
This is the craziest party there could ever be
Don’t turn on the lights, ’cause I don’t want to see

Mama told me not to come, oh lord
Mama told me not to come
She said, That ain’t the way to have fun, no

Open up the window
Let some air into this room
I think I’m almost chokin’
From the smell of stale perfume

And that cigarette you’re smoking
‘Bout scared me half to death
Open up the window, sucker
Let me catch my breath

Mama told me not to come, oh lord
Mama told me not to come
She said, that ain’t the way to have fun, son
That ain’t the way to have fun, son


The radio is blastin’
Someone’s knocking at the door
I’m lookin’ at my girlfriend
She’s passed out on the floor

I seen so many things
I ain’t never seen before
I don’t know what it is
somebody shut that door

Mama told me not to come, oh lord
Mama told me not to come
She said, that ain’t the way to have fun, son
That ain’t the way to have fun, son

Mama told me, mama told me, mama told me
Told me, told me
That ain’t no way to have fun, whoah, yeah yeah
Mama told me not to come
Mama, mama, mama told me
That ain’t no way to have fun

That ain’t the way to have fun, no
That ain’t the way to have fun, son
That ain’t the way to have fun, no
That ain’t the way to have fun, son

That ain’t the way to have fun, no
That ain’t the way to have fun, son
That ain’t the way to have fun, no
That ain’t the way to have fun, son


Tom Waits Tuesday – The Piano Has Been Drinking

No Comments 02 October 2012

From a 1977 episode of Fernwood Tonight.

Per Wikipedia – Fernwood 2 Night (or Fernwood Tonight) is a comedic television program that ran from July 1977 – September 1977. It was created by Norman Lear and produced by Alan Thicke as a spin-off/summer replacement from Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. It was a parody talk show, hosted by Barth Gimble (Martin Mull) and sidekick/announcer Jerry Hubbard (Fred Willard), complete with a stage band, Happy Kyne and His Mirthmakers (featuring Frank De Vol as the ironically dour “Happy” Kyne, and Tommy Tedesco as one of the guitarists). Barth was the twin brother of Garth Gimble from Mary Hartman.

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