Mason Williams – Classical Gas takes us into the weekend.

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The Beatles Rooftop Concert 1969 London

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David Bowie Appreciation Week is upon us.

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David Bowie ft. Earl Slick killing it with this version of Stay live at the BBC Radio Theatre in 2000.


Music Tuesdays (The Shade has a Crush)

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You heard it here first. The Shade has it’s first official crush. And it’s for (inspired by?) Japan’s nu Metal/Punk/Pop band Maximum Hormone.

Face-melting and mind bending.


Music Tuesdays – Let Joe Strummer Make the playlist

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This is an excellent series from the BBC that you can access here. I highly recommend checking it out.


Music Tuesdays – Big Star

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Big Star

Ballad of El Goodo

Go fuck,



Music Tuesday – Charles Mingus Quintet

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Good music, Great sweaters, coolness distilled to black & white.


Currently in Progress: The Roof Top Concert for Uncle Pat

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beatles roof top


Currently in Progress: Patches by Clarence Carter

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On a recent flight I watched a new film about the music from Muscle Shoals Alabama.

Just amazing how they shaped the music and culture of our lifetime.  Of all the songs that stuck was one I had never heard. Patches by Clarence Carter who I now know was originally recorded by Chairmen of the Board.  Just a strong song. Enjoy.


T.W. Snicket

From Wiki:
“Patches”, (first recorded by Chairmen of the Board), was a UK number 2 and a U.S. number 4 in 1970, and was nominated for a Grammy in 1972. This disc sold over one million copies, and received a gold disc awarded by the R.I.A.A. in September 1970, just two months after its release. It was Carter’s third million seller.


Music Tuesdays – Meatloaf on Old Grey Whistle Test

No Comments 17 September 2013


Good news for you – Music Tuesdays will be showcasing the oodles and oodles of talent that graced the stage of The Old Grey Whistle Test for the next several weeks. Today we’re kicking off with Meatloaf’s signature performance. This was Meat’s first exposure to the UK and spawned an epidemic of french kissing and booty shaking in the weeks after this show.

There’s a lot going on here so you may have to watch it twice. Note the haircuts, kissing techniques, pants and unfiltered rawness of young Meat’s voice.


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