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Thomas Mulberry’s Christmas List, Winter 2012

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Dear Santa:

I have been a very good boy this year. Does Rudolph like carrots or celery better?

For Christmas I would like: XBox, XBox Call of Duty Black Ops II, a snowboard, Ibanez Grx20 electric guitar and a little brother.

I know I listed a little brother last, but it’s actually very important. I don’t know why I have to be an only child even if Mommy and Daddy are seeing other people. I don’t like Daddy’s new girlfriend, Linda. She never talks to me when I go to see him. But Mommy is always crying when I’m at her house, so sometimes I wish she had Linda. I think Linda would make her happy. I just want everyone to be happy. And a little brother would make me very happy. I could teach him everything I know and would always have someone to play with. Maybe then I wouldn’t get lonely sometimes. I get lonely even when I’m around people. I always get lonely when it snows. Do you like the snow? The snow makes me lonely. And sometimes I wish I could just go outside and lie down and let the snow cover me like a blanket. And it would never stop snowing and I would just be covered and everything around me would be dark so I wouldn’t have to think about anything ever again.

Do you ever get lonely Santa? Do you ever wish you had a little brother or a baby so you wouldn’t ever be lonely again or ever have to think about yourself?



Tommy Mulberry

Winston Churchill Misquotes

The Few

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“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. Is this comb-over working?”



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Tender Vittles

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Winston Churchill Misquotes

Long Night

1 Comment 13 February 2012


“When the night lingers long, that is where you’ll find me.”


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Winston Churchill Misquotes

No Comments 23 November 2011

Don’t shoot the messenger. Shoot his horse. Then the messenger will be trapped.

Winston Churchill Misquotes

1 Comment 17 November 2011

“If Adolf Hitler doesn’t come in here and kill me, your mother’s beef wellington will. Throw in the towel, Henrietta!”

– Churchill, to wife Clementine Churchill



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So you lost your job

At the white factory.

White walls, white linoleum kitchenette

With the white Frigidaire

That stored the sandwich your wife had made:

White bread, Virginia ham, spicy mustard

For that little kick to your afternoon.

The machine has done you in.

The one you believed in all along.

The machine — a simple weighing device

Designed to hold what you’ve earned on one scale

And the just balance of the universe on the other.

And now you’re beginning to wonder,

How could this have happened?



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