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It must be Tender Times by T.W. Snicket

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Swipe right
Love me tonight
Leave in the morning

Wondering what our
story was

This is your place

I am 37

Do you want me to grab some
breakfast sandwiches

As I walk into the street
to grab breakfast
half of me is saying
don’t go back
eat your sandy
go home and
wonder what her name is

I am fuzzy
and I think I remember
liking her

I am bring ing the
breakfast back
asking her right away
if she knows my name
then when she gets my name right

Inevitable asking me
What’s my name
I say Jen with confidence
She says “What”
My name is not Jen
Is your friend Jen
Ya her name was Jen
You idiot
My name is Regina

You know I was fucking with you
I told you last night
I hate Kennedy Carpet Cleaner

I am a Regina Steamer guy
Burrito Time

I already ate my SECOND
Can I use your bathroom

What a great morning

Trying to be me

Wondering what do you See


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