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American Slice #34

0 Comments 14 June 2015

Public bus

3:37 p.m.

Friday, Boston MA

Girl: I just need a glass of wine then I’ll clean the house.
Lady: I’d need a bottle.
G: not before I go out! Everyone will think, (giggling) “what’s wrong with her?!”
L: I’m always at my best after a bottle
G: not me. I just get….sad.

Awkward pause

G: (points to construction site) who will go there?
L: the crater? I know, I don’t know why [the bus driver’s] stopping here.
G: no I said what. What will go there?
L: oh, a star market?
G: there’s a star market right there. They wouldn’t build a star market right next to another one, Gail!
L: hmph.

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