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DPD: January 3rd – Ivan Mackerle

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The wait is over. You’ve flooded our inbox enough. We get it. You CAN’T live with out DPDs. So, we’re happy to reinstate. We thought it nice to get kicked off with a bang and focus on the world of Cryptozoology and Ivan Mackerle

Mackerle was an interesting bloke interested in:

  • Obscure military vehicles
  • Voltage
  • Wenceslas Square
  • Rare animals – most notably the Mongolian Death Worm

Upon graduation from university Mackerle had a brief stint hawking gyros in Prague while moonlighting as a foot sniffer for the Czech aristocracy to make extra money.

Once he had amassed a small fortune from his olfactory racket he hit the road in search of the Mongolian Death Worm. He made 2 trips in total. Other than contracting a bad case of athlete’s foot the first trip was fruitless. However his second trip in 1992 was a bit more interesting.

Upon arrival at a Buddhist Monastery he was warned that the Death Worm had ‘supernatural evil’ that not even Sly Stallone could tame (it was the early 90s, Sly was HUGE). Unaffected Mackerle pushed on.

After his first day of pursuit, Mackerle awoke convinced he was close. He recalled having a vivid dream about the worm, and states that he woke up with unexplained blood-filled boils on his back. Convinced it wasn’t his night terrors he carried on.

But I’ll stop there and let Crytozoology Digest take over with Ivan’s obit.

Come get your obits while their hot you animals!

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