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Music Tuesdays – The Mighty Imperials

0 Comments 06 August 2013


The Mighty Imperials were introduced to me by Reins while we were thumbing to a Country Store in the backwoods of Maine earlier this summer. Our supply of juicy fruit was at an all time low, the black flies were vicious and morale was on the floor. I’ll be honest, I had a case of the weary dismals that hasn’t been known since the Dust Bowl.

We packed up camp and split the last warm budweiser we found at the bottom of Reins pack before we hit the road. If we were going to make to the Ish Canoe we needed more gum, jerky and some alcohol. I was all but beat sitting on the side of road. I must have been a sight for sore eyes. Dirty, one shoe lost to the mud pit and not a smile in sight.

At that very moment Reins finagled a bit more juice from the tivi and plugged in his ipod. He had 3 minutes of juice left, maybe 4. Deducing precisely what I needed at that very moment he ripped the opening track to Thunder Chicken, The Mighty Imperials first (and only) LP release.

Before long I was doing the 3 foot sidewinder in the streets and was back on my feet. Reins did it again. We mustered up the gusto to get to that Country Store. We got our provisions and rocked that Ish Canoe, hard.

I’ll never forget what The Mighty Imperials did for me that morning. Maybe you’ll like them too?

Read more about the Imperials here, and listen to some stuff here and here.

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