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0 Comments 10 June 2013

The Shade staff took the streets this past Saturday to show what it means to be indifferent, out of shape and irrelevant. All except for the starlit of the staff – Reins Hagglemeyer. This past Saturday was the annual Staff Stick It In The Gut 5k. Sadly, Pillow Hands wasn’t available to offer his trademark ‘sissy punch’ for all that wish to have a gut punch after the run. But…..there’s always next year.

While the majority of the staff put in an equally depressing performance of what a human can do aged 30+ years, Reins was a physical juggernaut clocking in sub 22 minutes. I kept up with Reins for the first 1/25 of a mile and can tell you his performance was nothing short of amazing. I’ve never seen anyone run that quickly, sneer and literally run over people while throwing women and children out of the way (leading with their face).

Well done Reins. Your attitude and physique (not to mention you ability for eating a pepperoni and black olive pizza) give us all a goal to strive for.Hopefully next year we’ll have enough funds to fly the west coast staff in for the weekend.


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