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Live Music Review – PUSA

0 Comments 15 April 2013

I went to see The Presidents; not the leaders of various countries but the band.  As I sidled up to the bar not only was I greeted by a very attractive barmaid with blond hair, green eyes, and a short dress that hugged all the right places (the kind of woman that looked like she could really throw down a solid “warrior 1”) but also, quite possibly, the drunkest guy in the place.

She asked the typical question, “What can I get for you?”  So boring, I was hoping for something more.  Just then Leonard, the inebriated, looked over and asked a much more illuminating question, “Do you like The Presidents?”  I promptly ignored the beauty and turned my full attention to Leonard.

“Yes, I do like them.  How about you?”

Leonard nodded yes and proceeded to give me a fist bump.  After a few seconds he turned to me and asked, Do you like The Presidents?

To which I said, “I’m familiar with their catalog but I’d have to see them live before I make my final decision.”

“Yo, they are playing here tonight.  They’ll be going on in a few minutes,” Leonard informed me.

“Wait, they’re playing here tonight?”  I questioned.  “Shit bro, must be karma.  I’ll finally get to see them to make the ultimate decision.”

Leonard turned toward the stage and then back to me.  He then came out with something I thought we had covered but perhaps not in the detail he had hoped for, “Do you like these guys?”

This prodding made me profess my true intentions.  “I don’t like them.  I’m not fan.  I enjoy paying money to attend live concerts to boo and heckle the entire show.  You know, to make everyone else have a bad time.”

He shook his head repeatedly and now wanted some answers to “real” questions like; “why would you do that,” “but seriously do you like them,” and “why would you do that?”

The only logical answer was, “I enjoy other people’s misery, don’t you?”

Leonard then ended out interaction with another fist bump and said, “I’m gonna go work my magic.”

He wandered off into the crowd never to be seen again.  The band came on and played a solid set.  I’ll go see them again.


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