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The Shade’s Top Ten Things We’re Currently Loving

0 Comments 29 March 2013


Ok, so we went a little negative with last week’s Top 10 list. How can you blame us? Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing and it bums the shit out of us too. Last Tuesday I tripped over a frozen ice/snow mound on my walk to the bus and broke down in tears. A mess.

Moving on, we here at The Shade believe in a balanced approach to all things – which is why we, sometimes, eat our Rice Krispies with chocolate milk and never – EVER – condone malicious use of a cream puff.

It’s Spring Time! A time when we all shed the decay that’s been accumulating for the past several months and sprout anew. Its time to celebrate!  So, we wanted to highlight the things that are currently blowing our metaphorical skirts up.

Get yourself a raspberry lime rickey, kick off those weary dismals and help celebrate Spring’s bloom with The Shades Top 10 Things We’re Loving Currently.


10. Spicy buffalo style wheat thins – All you have to do is try them. Seriously.

9. Yoga pants – Seemingly ubiquitous these days they’re tough to NOT see .  It’s not that we stopped liking them but for some reason it seems to us that the Yoga Pant technology is increasing at a rapid rate.

8. Original Skittles – Spring time just seems like the right time to Taste the Rainbow

7. Sitting on a warm toilet seat – What’s better than sitting on a warm toilet seat after you’ve dragged yourself out of bed for a midnight #2 in a freezing cold house?

6. TV tag – Surprisingly fun to revisit. Now that you’re older your repertoire of TV shows will astound you when you dig in. And, you get winded easier so having that deeper knowledge will help YOUR tush not become ‘it’

5. Anything involving Dennis Rodman – We currently are not sure what the hell he has been up to but we are currently thinking he has his eyes set on World Domination. And that is fine with us

4. Arena rock (Pre – 2000) – AC/DC, Aerosmith & Black Sabbath…Yes! Fall Out Boy, The Killers & Animal Collective…Bad!

3. The Match Game reruns (specifically episodes with Charles Nelson Reilly). CNR never ceases to amaze us. Sharp, Quick, and always there when you need a laugh

2. New Socks – After a tough winter there is nothing like going out to Marshall’s and picking up a 12 pack of socks. Like little pillows for your feet and it is always fun to wash out those little cotton bugs from between your toes.

1. Songs that tell a story – See next weeks top ten but and if you have a favorite please send our way.  There is just something about being taken on a journey through song.  At the end of the day it may be The United States best export for over 50 years.  Current working list here:




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