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Dead Person of the Day – March 7 – Sidney Gottlieb

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Today’s DPD represents possibly the best and the worst of American ingenuity during a very tumultuous time in our history. What’s more interesting is the tone of today’s obit. Given the inferred sentiment from the brit daily supplying the obit its not hard to imagine what the view was of these activities beyond U.S. borders.

I juicy tidbit pulled from this obit should give you some context:

‘Gottlieb’s contribution was to oversee MKUltra. From the early 1950s through most of the 1960s hundreds of American citizens were administered mind-altering drugs. One mental patient in Kentucky was given LSD for 174 consecutive days. In all the agency conducted 149 mind-control experiments. At least one “participant” died as a result of the experiments and several others went mad.

The most bizarre brainwave of Gottlieb (himself a frequent user of LSD) was to set up a string of CIA-controlled brothels in San Francisco which operated for eight years. Prostitutes would slip drugs to their customers, and the results would be observed by agency officials through two-way mirrors. Such was the clandestine contribution of the city of flower power to the national war effort in Vietnam’

With each step forward we wade through remorse and hope for better.

The line forms to the left and when the soups done we have some cabbage.

Obituary: Sidney Gottlieb

SIDNEY GOTTLIEB was living vindication for conspiracy theorists that there is nothing, however evil, pointless or even lunatic, that unaccountable intelligence agencies will not get up to in the pursuit of their secret wars. Continue

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