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Dead Person of the Day – March 5 – John Belushi

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Being in the business of death can sometimes be bittersweet. Obviously. Today’s subject is one of those cases – John Belushi.

He was hilarious. Larger than life. And, personally speaking, I’ve used the zit stunt he executed in Animal House plenty of times since I first saw that movie as an ankle biter.

Although he transcended SNL he was one of the few – I felt – that was actually funny on the show. Most of the other people that make it to SNL are incredibly funny. Then they get there and ‘poof’ something  happens and they’re not funny anymore. But anyways….

A few thoughts on today’s DPD research:

1. I was shocked and appalled at the dearth of Belushi obits. We should all be ashamed.

2. I had no idea Robin Williams and Robert de Niro stopped by to hang with Belushi on his fatal night and both split the scene because that bitch Cathy Smith was weirding them out. Williams was quoted as saying “If you ever get up again, call ”

3. Back to Smith – she ran Levon Helm, Belushi and Gordon Lightfoot dry (obviously each to varying degrees). But in retrospect can’t we bring people like this up on charges?

By 1982 John Belushi had began hanging out with a less than reputable group of characters – namely, one Cathy Smith, a former back-up singer for The Band, who had become a strung out addict and drug dealer.

On March 4, 1982, John Belushi, Smith, and former SNL writer Nelson Lyon spent the evening partying together. The trio ingested massive quantities of liquor, french toast and snorted even larger quantities of cocaine. They stumbled all over West Hollywood looking for the next party and ended up at the secret nightclub above The Roxy called On The Rox. From there, they walked next door to The Rainbow Room and ate. Belushi later felt like he had to hurl and/or poop and asked Smith to take him back to his room at the Chateau Marmont.

According to Smith, Belushi asked her to shoot him up with a needle full of drugs several times that night. Belushi, who was deathly afraid of needles, seemed to like the high, she claimed. While the couple sat around in a dazed state, two famous persons stopped by to see them. Comedian Robin Williams popped in and snorted a few lines of coke, but was creeped out by Smith. He thought she was a little too crusty for Belushi.

Sometime after 3:00 AM, actor Robert DeNiro knocked on Belushi’s door. He had been playing tag with Belushi all night. The scene inside the room was disgusting, so DeNiro decided to not stick around.

John Belushi and Cathy Smith continued to shoot up until Smith decided she had to leave. She helped Belushi shower and put him to bed before taking off in his Mercedes. She noticed on the way out that he was breathing funny. But she STILL left him. He was found the next day by his personal trainer – dead. And the rest is history.

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