The Written Word, Sexy Memoirs

Chapter 5: Brown house with pink shutters

0 Comments 27 February 2013

As I set out on the last Tuesday of black history month I wanted to represent my hatred for white supremacy in the utmost way…seducing a female negro.  The task would be harder than it seems for my wardrobe was full of hoodies and my profile hindered my online confidence but, like MLK I had a dream to pursue. ..and as determined as he was I would fulfill that dream twenty fold.  The staff at the anonymous skin bar was darker than my suppressed childhood memories but thanks to the advancement in non-prescription drugs I was able to segregate the difference between wrong and what I can probably get away with.  I may have been the first choice for her, but she was definitely my last.  Defying the odds she seduced me to her underground railroad and laid into me as if I was going to ejaculate reparations.  But in a surprise simple twist of faith nothing but my good olde fashion white man jerk showed its true colors and had her screaming and running back to the cotton fields. Fortunately for me she left her dashiki behind for cleanup and the search for the next Lincoln apprentice became an underrated task of passive public opinion which is what any historian thrives on. And just like useless common law, gay rights, and gun laws the month ends with plenty to reflect on and dance to…Shamon!

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