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Dead Person of the Day Emeritus – Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

0 Comments 20 February 2013


There are few individuals that get the NOR staff in a tizzy. Reins – always. But beyond that we have Richard Brautigan, Norman Mailer, Kurt Vonnegut and always the good doctor…Hunter Thompson. We’re not here to judge how we went, or if it was too soon. Because who are we to say? We want to celebrate what he gave us while among humankind.

In our opinion HST came to prominence during arguably the most tumultuous time of America’s recent history. America was a leader on the world stage in a time when interconnectivity was just beginning the pace we so perversely enjoy at the present. America’s flaws were showing in a way never shown before and the opposing thrust had publicity and – more importantly – an articulate voice.

While the quality of the above clip is disgusting the content of its message aptly points out the death of the movement and suggests hope in moving forward.

C’est la vie


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