Sexy Memoirs

Sexy Memoirs Chapter 4: The Night Tony Petrarca Couldn’t Predict

0 Comments 14 February 2013

With days notice. and little on hand, society flocked to the shelves of our life like desperate bridesmaids to a future divorcee’s bouquet(statistically speaking). But we had all we needed.  Readily stocked on booze, lube and thigh quivering literature is a priority of mine throughout the winter months.  It started like any other Friday night – tuning in to the local news to get the low down on the cretins, declining economy and general whereabouts of the senior citizens. But it was all done in anticipation of the main event…senior weatherman Tony Petrarca, with an aggressively subtle use of the mock turtle neck and Doppler radar, confirms the storm of the century. His educated guess on the effects of our high & low pressure colliding was vastly underrated.  After a timely shower and a casual but easy going dozen drinks the power left us in the dark. Prompting us to do what we do best.  We gather all the blankets and duvets we can muster and take solace in the fact that although the snow is falling outside it’s hotter than a jar of jalapenos in the bedroom.

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