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The Shades Top Ten Best Brother Combinations

0 Comments 25 January 2013


With the Harbaugh brothers facing off in the upcoming Superbowl we here at The Shade have been thinking quite a bit about brothers. Websters Dictionary defines a brother as:

….a male offspring having both parents in common with another offspring; a male sibling

Our in-house ideologue, T.W. Snicket, was astute enough to point out a brother could also be a black male and/or a monk. (to read his full soliloquy on the matter click here)

While all derivations are significant and worthwhile we’re focusing on the fraternal.

Brothers play a unique role in the circle life. They can be the source or subject of incessant noogies. They can be a sisters first exposure to males their own age and, therefore, be the kick-off to a lifelong developing frustration for the opposite sex. Or, they can be a great way to get booze while underage. All these things and many, many more.

So we took the time to put together what we think of as the most important brother combinations in the history of all time. We hope you enjoy and please feel free to rehash this subject at  your next dinner party.

The Shades Top Ten Best Brother Combinations

10. Zeus, Hades and Poseidon – Boy, talk about a successful family eh? I bet their mother was so proud when they decided to stop bickering about who should get the crackerjack box toy and defeated the Titans to rule the cosmos!

9. Alex and Chad Wagner – If you’re not familiar with the 1991 blockbuster Double Impact you might want to check your ego at the door and revisit. Not only does this film show the ‘impact’ brothers can have when the work together…it also shows the dynamism Van Damme displayed at his peak as he played both starring roles. Unreal.

8. Michael and G. O. B. Bluth/ The Brothers Karamazov – I put these two together because it is essentially the same story. For more information check this out.

7. The Wright Brothers – They messed around in the backyard and created aviation as we know it. It kind of makes those games of wiffle ball in the backyard seem trivial no?

6. Mario and Luigi– They kept the plumbing industry on its toes and still are pushing the boundaries on what their local union can and cannot protect them against as they continue their crusade against Bowser.

5. Gregg and Duane Allman – Icons of American rock and roll. Those brothers were the backbone of a sound that continues to resonate with old and new listener alike and still heavily influences contemporary music. Sadly, Duane passed on much too early in 1971 when the band was at the precipice of becoming massive. While the Allman Brothers Band persevered fans are only left to wonder what could have been.

4. The Wayans Brothers – I honestly think these guys rival Poseidon, Hades and Zeus in their body of work. Starting way back with In Living Color the Wayans showed a high aptitude for kicking ass. What’s remarkable is how Marlon and Shawn have come to the forefront as Keenan and Damon have sort of faded. I’m just looking forward to what their progeny bring to the table by 2030.

3. The Baldwin Brothers – The only family that can trump the Wayans in terms of star power is the Baldwins. Obviously Alec carries much of the load. BUT Sliver and Bio Dome just barely missed getting Oscar nods for best picture. Also, Alec would have been a shoe in for a best supporting actor Oscar nod in 1999 if the field hadn’t been incredibly competitive that year. (check it out)

2. The Kennedy brothers (JFK & RFK) – They could have shepherded in a new ideological age in America’s history. Could have.

1. Julius and Vincent Benedict (Danny Devito & Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1988 film Twins) – After comprehensive research we concluded that the relationship between the Benedict brothers exemplifies the power of fraternal love that can exist between two brothers. Given inexplicable odds two seemingly complete opposites meet, take part in an epic cat-and-mouse chase, develop a bond and reunite a family on the brink and find love. Truly an amazing story.

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