Sexy Memoirs

Sexy Memoirs: Chapter 1 Stepping into Wetness

0 Comments 22 January 2013

By Neptune Virgil

As the sun arose, so did I.  Immediately the images of the night before blurring through my mind while I try to get the taste of gin and sweat off my tongue, but there’s one thing that’s missing…her.  I know we had the plans to but I’m pretty sure we didn’t.  Livid with myself that I let the opportunity squander I go thru the morning wondering if I’ll ever get another chance.

Fast forward to lunch I receive a message. It reads “no work for me today, what time u get out?”

Eagerly I reply with my end shift time. No reply, but none is needed, she got what she was looking for.  The remainder of my day consists of completing  my tasks in a mediocre manner while hiding my spontaneously arousal of anticipation.  Finally the day is done and as I pull into the driveway her car is there I open the front door, which was locked, and step right into it…the wetness.

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