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0 Comments 16 January 2013

Medical History

by e. penkethman

got Type 2 diabetes
from eatin cookies and cake
permanent brain damage
from huffing gold spray paint
Hep c from the needles
liver damage from the booze
I’m playin Roshambo every day and I lose

this is real talk kid
I don’t exaggerate
26 years old with an enlarged prostate
deviated septum
lung cancer from the reds
just to keep livin
I take like 32 meds

Herpes simplex types one and two
hey there shorty
can I holla at you?
Im a sick motherfucker I get worse every day
got an extra chromosome on my DNA
got no gall bladder
HIV from the bitches
ran through a plate glass window
one hundred and eight stiches

I got a real bad habit
in a short life span
I am the gross domestic profit of Afghanistan
junk box to the core
my minds a dark dark place
shot 8 grams of bath salt
chewed off my girlfriends face


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