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Thomas Mulberry’s Christmas List, Winter 2012

0 Comments 19 December 2012

Dear Santa:

I have been a very good boy this year. Does Rudolph like carrots or celery better?

For Christmas I would like: XBox, XBox Call of Duty Black Ops II, a snowboard, Ibanez Grx20 electric guitar and a little brother.

I know I listed a little brother last, but it’s actually very important. I don’t know why I have to be an only child even if Mommy and Daddy are seeing other people. I don’t like Daddy’s new girlfriend, Linda. She never talks to me when I go to see him. But Mommy is always crying when I’m at her house, so sometimes I wish she had Linda. I think Linda would make her happy. I just want everyone to be happy. And a little brother would make me very happy. I could teach him everything I know and would always have someone to play with. Maybe then I wouldn’t get lonely sometimes. I get lonely even when I’m around people. I always get lonely when it snows. Do you like the snow? The snow makes me lonely. And sometimes I wish I could just go outside and lie down and let the snow cover me like a blanket. And it would never stop snowing and I would just be covered and everything around me would be dark so I wouldn’t have to think about anything ever again.

Do you ever get lonely Santa? Do you ever wish you had a little brother or a baby so you wouldn’t ever be lonely again or ever have to think about yourself?



Tommy Mulberry

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