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Dead Person of the Day – December 13 – Zan Yanovski

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I’ll be the first to admit it. I own a few Lovin’ Spoonful records. There, I said it. I find their music as breezy as putting an extra large pair of Umbro shorts on a windy day. But make no mistake about it – how they conducted themselves back in San Francisco in 1966 is reprehensible. Here’s the skinny:

The band was Canadian. They got busted for pot possession. Yanovsky and bass guitarist Steve Boone were threatened with deportation. Yanovsky went along with a plan to name their supplier in exchange for a discharge. The band would then hire the dealer a top lawyer. But the dealer went to jail, and, among the burgeoning counter-cultural leaders of Haight-Ashbury, the Spoonful were excoriated as snitches, hastening their eclipse by the likes of the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and the Doors.

Poor form all around. So there, you want another reason to turn our nose up to our neighbors to the north. There you go. I still like some of their music though

Get while they’re hot!

Zal Yanovsky, Guitarist With Lovin’ Spoonful, Dies at 57

Zal Yanovsky, whose distinctive guitar playing and ebullient personality helped make the Lovin’ Spoonful one of the most popular rock groups of the late 1960’s, died on Friday at his home outside Kingston, Ontario. He was 57. Continue

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