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Dead Person of the Day – December 5 – Don Meredith

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Today’s DPD is someone near and dear to the heart of yours truly.

Don Meredith. Truly a renaissance man Meredith was athletic, intelligent and charismatic.

As a Texas native he thrived in youth sports and ended up as the starting QB at SMU before moving on to the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, he was a such a local celebrity in the Dallas area the Cowboys signed him to a contract before they had even solidified their expansion team.

But Meredith’s legacy is surely what he went on to do after he left the gridiron. Meredith went on to be the color commentator for a new ABC show called Monday Night Football. His repartee with smug prick Howard Cosell made MNF the spectacle that it is today. Women, non sports fans and many others began tuning in Monday nights helping to broaden the NFL’s appeal.

Mr. Meredith offered a taste offhis breezy, even risqué, humor in that first broadcast. In talking about theCleveland Browns receiver Fair Hooker, Mr. Meredith said, “Fair Hooker — I haven’t met one yet.”

Amen brother.

Scooch over and take an obit.

Don Meredith, Cowboys Quarterback and Cosell’s Broadcast Foil, Dies at 72

Don Meredith, a former star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys who helped change the perception of professional football with the easy Texas charm and provocative wit he brought to its first prime-time telecasts on Monday nights, died on Sunday in Santa Fe, N.M. He was 72. Continue

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