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Dead Person of the Day – November 21 – David Nolan

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Disdain for Dick Nixon did much for this country. It helped inspire the writings of the late great Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and contributed to the 4th estate mentality of our national news reporters. An additional repercussion is the birth of the Libertarian party. Which brings us to today’s DPD – David Nolan. Let it be known Mr. Nolan is a T.W. favorite.

President Nixon’s announcement of wage and price controls in 1971 combined with his enthusiasm for involvement in Vietnam planted the seed for what is now known as the Libertarian party. Sure, it would be easy to write the Libbys off as a pack of weirdos. But their stance on social issues is, in my opinion, right on. You do you and I’ll do me….as long as no one’s killing each other. But unbridled capitalism and xenophobic approach to foreign policy scares me a touch. But…c’est la vie.

Sadly Mr. Nolan had no illusions that the Libertarians would ever become powerful in raw votes. But he hoped the party’s participation in elections would simply expose Americans to libertarian views as a means to effect change. BUT the first electoral vote ever recorded for a woman in a presidential election was cast for Theodora Nathan, the VP candidate on the Libertarian ticket under John Hospers. So, good for everybody I guess.

Lets just get on with it eh?

David Nolan, 66, Is Dead; Started Libertarian Party


Published: November 22, 2010

David Nolan, whose opposition to the Vietnam War and President Richard M. Nixon’s wage and price controls impelled him in 1971 to join with a few friends to found the Libertarian Party to fight against government power, died Sunday in Tucson. He was 66. Continue


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