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The Shade’s Top 10 Post Halloween Candy Trades

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Our young readers really gave it to us this week. Take this email for Jim H. in Penobscot, ME

Dear Sirs,

Why does your website stink for kids so much? Me and my friends check it out after school almost every other day and all we see are dead people stuff. Get more stuff up there that we can talk about at recess. We love Norman though!


This was just one of many. Well, we hear you Jim and the rest of you little ankle biters. So we sent out a communique to our young readers asking for help. We wanted them to send us their best swindle story drawn from their post Halloween candy trading.  Man, these kids are vicious. But, here you go…

The Shade’s Top 10 Best Halloween Candy Trades

10. A large peppermint patty and 3 kit kats for a stale  three musketeers left over from last Halloween – Nessie, The Dalles OR

9. A candy apple for half eaten box of nerds – Bernard, Osh Kosh

8. I didn’t have to trade nothin, I stole my sisters. Ha! – Charles, Warwick RI

7. 3 pixie sticks for a mini 100 grand – Joel, Sausalito CA

6. 1 Bozo the Clown pez dispenser for snack pack of keebler elf cookies – Janey, FL

5. A king size reeses peanut butter cup package for my sponge bob action figure and gerbil. Woohoo! – William, Chicago IL

4. Economy size bag of pixie sticks for a snack size box of milk duds – Bernice, Las Vegas NV

3. 4 sour apple airheads for bag of circus peanuts – Paul, Columbus OH

2. A snack size whatchamacallit for a bag of candy corn – Thor, The Netherlands

1. 3 warheads, a roll of sprees, a box of lemonheads, a full size snickers and half eaten hershey with almonds for letting my brother out of a headlock – Vince, NJ

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