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Dead Person of the Day – November 2 – Andy Irons

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Wow Folks,

First of all let me congratulate ESPN for making the NOR. Well done. Secondly, this is remarkably well done obit for an ephemeral man.

Andy Irons. A Supreme Pooba in the world of competitive surfing. Unlike today, in which 12-year-olds are scouted and promptly signed to big-money contracts, he and brother Bruce grew up in the relative obscurity of the Hawaiian outer islands. The family didn’t have much money, but they did have a rich surfing tradition, and his father, uncles and cousins instilled a surfing ethos in him from early on. By 16 he was winning various amateur contests and starting to get noticed.

Andy Irons Will Be Missed

By Jake Howard
ESPN Action Sports

A couple of years back, Andy Irons was on a quick, three-day sprint to Baja, warming up before the World Tour contest at Trestles. He brought only one board, a pair of trunks, and a backpack — living, as they say, free and easy. As he got out of the water after his first session, he was greeted by a group of local kids on the beach. One of them asked Andy if he could have Andy’s board, or his sunglasses, or anything. Andy explained that it was the only board he had on him and he needed it for the rest of the trip, but he’d give the kid his T-shirt. The kid’s face lit up as Andy happily gave him the shirt off his back. Continue

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