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Dead Person of the Day – October 31 – Maurice Lucas

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Last night kicked off the 2012-13 NBA season. And if you’re like me the current state of flopping and wimpiness in the NBA makes you sick to your stomach. Let today’s DPD remind you of a better time in the NBA’s tenure. A time when men drove to the hoop with the intent of getting a layup and not of drawing a foul. A time when a hard foul meant you were going to dance if you took issue not cry to the ref.

Maurice Lucas – The Enforcer. A four time NBA all-star at 6 feet 9 and 250 pounds he was one mean hombre. Along with Bill Walton he led the upstart Portland Trail Blazers to the one and only NBA title.

Lucas’ most famous fight was barely that, as he squared off with the Philadelphia 76ers’ 6-foot-11, 275-pound center Darryl Dawkins in the 1977 NBA Finals, although it is remembered in Portland as the series’ turning point.

So with the new NBA season remember Mr. Lucas and more importantly try to practice his philosophy. If you’re playing a pick-up game with your friends or even children – remember two rules:

1. No easy lay ups
2. If you bump me, I’m gonna bump you back haas

Obits on a Wednesday, line ‘em up!

Maurice Lucas dies at 58; menacing power forward in the NBA

An icon in Portland, where he helped the Trail Blazers win the NBA title in 1977, the 6-foot-9, 250-pounder loved his nickname, ‘the Enforcer,’ and the role that went with it.

November 02, 2010|By Mark Heisler, Los Angeles Times

Maurice Lucas, the menacing NBA power forward who was dreaded on the floor and beloved off it, died Sunday of bladder cancer in Portland, Ore. He was 58.

An icon in Portland, Lucas was a four-time NBA All-Star, playing 12 seasons with six teams, including one with the Lakers in 1985-86. Continue


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