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Dead Person of the Day – August 1 – Al Aronowitz

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Mr. Al Aronowitz. One of the most prolific cultural brokers during one of most accelerated time of cultural evolution in our country’s history – the 1960s.

in the early 60’s Mr. Aronowitz wrote long articles for The Saturday Evening Post that studied the pop music business and the personalities behind it. An early pioneer of what became known as New Journalism Aronowitz would often infuse himself into the scenes he was writing about. In 1963 he wrote about Carole King, Gerry Goffin, Don Kirschner and other kingpins of teen pop, and in March 1964 he wrote about the arrival of the Beatles in the United States

Mr. Aronowitz was the type of guy that formed friendships with many musicians, and in the annals of rock history is best known for introducing the Beatles to Mr. Dylan in a hotel room in New York on Aug. 28, 1964 – which, as we all know, was the first time the Beatles did a dube and jumped from ‘Love Me Do’ to the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’.

Later in the 60’s, Mr. Aronowitz wrote a widely read column for The New York Post called Pop Scene. Aronowitz was sent out to the San Fran to write a disparaging article on the burgeoning Beat scene. His editors wanted him to exploit the scene and prove to the rest of the country what they were already thinking – that they were just a bunch of strung out druggies with nothing much to say. Thanksfully, Aronowitz was in love with the scene, befriended Allen Ginsburg (and others) and ended up writing an amazing expose that truly introduced the scene to mainstream America.

In 1972 he was fired from that newspaper for conflicts of interest, his son said; he had been managing rock acts. His wife, Ann, died of cancer that year. He did not have another job in journalism, and he long struggled with drug addiction.

In recent years Mr. Aronowitz resurfaced with a voluminous Web site, called The Blacklisted Journalist, that contained reminiscences about the 60’s and extensive contributions by other writers.

Al Aronowitz, 77, a Writer Of 1960s Scene

By STEPHEN MILLER, Staff Reporter of the Sun

Al Aronowitz, who died Monday at 77, was a pioneering journalist who covered the Beat literary scene and engineered a meeting between Bob Dylan and the Beatles that has passed into rock ‘n’ roll legend. Continue

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