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Dead Person of the Day – July 24 – Alex Higgins

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In light of the upcoming Olympic games coming up in London our DPD is an Irishman that made his money in Great Britian.

Alex Higgins was a phenom in the snooker world of the 1970s and 80s. Snooker, for those of you who don’t know, is somewhat like pool (billiards) played on a slightly bigger table and requires bow ties to be worn if you’re to be taken seriously.

That is until Higgins showed up. Coming from a very blue collar background in Belfast Higgins consumed what this obits dubs “frightening quantities of alcohol” during games, chain-smoked cigarettes….and – most rebelliously – wore his shirt with an open collar.

In 1986, when asked to take a drugs test during the UK Championship, Higgins headbutted the official who made the request, which earned him a £12,000 fine and five-tournament ban as well as a court appearance. (Why one needs to be drug tested to play euro pool is beyond the staff at the NOR.)

On the ‘back 9’ of his career Higgins was banned for an entire season after punching another official in the stomach in 1990 after losing a second-round match in the World Championship around the time he threatened to have his Northern Irish Catholic rival Dennis Taylor killed, saying: “I come from Shankill and you come from Coalisland, and the next time you are in Northern Ireland I will have you shot.”

Shit got real.

Anyways, if the opening few lines from this obit don’t get you intrigued stop being such a goddam stick in the mud

Alex Higgins obituary
Winner of two world snooker titles whose mercurial talent did much to popularise the sport on television

John Rawling Sunday 25 July 2010

The snooker player Alex Higgins, who has died aged 61, led a life clouded by drunkenness, drug abuse, gambling, violence and tempestuous personal relationships. Yet for many of his fellow players and millions of fans, hooked on snooker with the advent of colour television, he will be forever viewed as a flawed sporting genius whose rock’n’roll lifestyle and brushes with officialdom made him all the more appealing, while a sometimes astonishing natural talent allowed him to brush aside more staid opponents and carried him to two world snooker titles. Continue

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