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Dead Person of the Day – July 11 – Rob Grill

0 Comments 11 July 2012


This is a special request DPD. As its well known I don’t typically like to fraternize with those quacks down the hall at that rag The Shade. They’re bastards plain and simple. I had to stop bringing in my edamame snacks because they would steal my tupperware and eat them. They’ve been known to treat their office like a toilet bowl and – what’s worse – I’m almost positive their perverts but I don’t get close enough to find out.

However, among the bunch T.W. is a sweet, valiant foot soldier in the game of life. When we first moved in to the space T.W. would drop into the NOR office with a portable record player in hand and a 2 liter of orange soda. We’d sit, enjoy orange soda and listen to his favorite musical group.

The Grass Roots.

So, its out of respect that I dedicate today’s DPD to T.W.

Here’s your hump day obit now quiet the heck down!

Rob Grill, Lead Singer of the Grass Roots, Dies at 67


Published: July 12, 2011

Rob Grill, the longtime lead singer and a very nearly original member of the Grass Roots, the immensely popular rock group of the 1960s and afterward, died on Monday in Tavares, Fla. He was 67. Continue

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