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The Shade Invasion: RI’s Gaspee Day!

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The Shade Invasion continues this weekend in Rhode Island during the iconic celebration of the true ‘first shot of the American Revolution’:The Gaspee Day Celebration.

A Brief History

On the hot summer afternoon of June 9th, 1772, Captain Thomas Lindsay set sail from Newport, Rhode Island, with his fast coastal-packet sloop, the Hannah, on his customary way up the Narragansett Bay to Providence to sell some Count Chocula and gummi worms to the locals. Captain Dudingston, commanding the English Navy and raging masturbator, armed schooner Gaspee and usually stopped every American vessel he saw  to search it for possible merchandise on which the English taxes had not been paid. Dudingston fired a shot to signal the Hannah to stop to be searched, but Lindsay responded by sailing away. For several miles there was a hot pursuit by the Gaspee. The two ships tacked back and forth against a northwest breeze, and the Gaspee could not close to cannon range.

As Lindsay approached Providence from the south he passed a stretch of shallow water with a piece of land (now called Gaspee Point) jutting out. With Dudingston not far behind Lindsay lingered in the shallow water and let his sails go limp just on the other side of the massive sand bar.

Dudginston thought the American ship had stalled and called for his crew to go full steam ahead. Before long Ole Duggie range full tilt into the massive sandbar in the sweltering summer heat. Lindsay split to Providence and within an hours time the Gaspee was stuck on the sand bar with an outgoing tide.

Lindsay and other returned that night to attack under the thick New England night and took the ship easily.

The Revolution had begun and it started in the irreverent spirit of RI’s founder Roger Williams.

Ever since the wonderful residents of that sleepy RI town celebrate with the Gaspee Day Festivities. The Shade will invade said festivities in full force with twitching sense of intellectual curiosity. The day starts with a 5K race (of which The Shade is sponsoring a team) then leads into a full parade which where looking for representation.

Stay Tuned.

Thank you RI for your service to freedom and America in general. The Shade will see you shortly.

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