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Dead Person of the Day – June 7 – Jim McKay

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A cultural icon here. Jim Mckay. The long time face of the Olympics in America and root cause for the existence of that goddam chipmunk Bob Costas (but I won’t let him ruin today’s DPD).

He worked on his craft as a weatherman, public-affairs moderater, game show host and eventually doing play-by-play for Ivy League football. A longtime CBS employee he was pegged to host CBS’s answer to NBC’s “Today” show. His thorough reporting and viewer friendly appearance and demeanor helped him over up the ladder at CBS…especially in the sports department eventually reporting from the Olympics then onto ABC’s Wide World of Sports.

His professionalism and sensitivity melded in 1972. During the Munich Olympics, as he left the hotel sauna and was about to go into the swimming pool on his only day off, he received word that Arab terrorists had invaded the Israeli living quarters in the Olympic Village. Mr. McKay hurried to the studio, and for 16 consecutive hours he anchored ABC’s extraordinary news coverage, with field reporting from Peter Jennings, Howard Cosell and others.

When ABC finally signed off, Mr. McKay, physically and emotionally spent, returned to his hotel room. Only then did he realize he had been wearing a wet swimsuit beneath his trousers.

Talk about chafe!

A vital part of many American’s sports experiences of all ages.

Take this obit and be glad.

Jim McKay, Pioneer Sports Broadcaster, Dies at 86


Published: June 8, 2008

Jim McKay, the genial ABC Sports broadcaster whose calm voice and trustworthy demeanor were synonymous with the network’s Olympic broadcasts and the celebrated sports anthology series “Wide World of Sports,” died Saturday at his country estate in Monkton, Md. He was 86. Continue

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