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Dead Person of the Day May 1 – Eldridge Cleaver

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A very enigmatic DPD we have ourselves here.

Born in rural Arkansas to a school teacher and musician Eldridge Cleaver’s life was unique. He was a best selling author, radical political activist, religious zealot and drug dealer. Cleaver was also a leading figure in the Blank Panther party – and the civil rights movement in general – during the late 1960s. In a career that included the title of Information Minister of the Panthers its even more astonishing that he ended his life as a registered republican – whom at one time considered him one of the most dangerous men in America.

By the time he passed away good ole Eldridge probably spent time on most American’s shit list. At strong quality we look favorably on at the NOR.

Obits on a Tuesday? You got it!

Obituary: Eldridge Cleaver

Rubert Cornwell, The Independent May 1 1998

HE DIED an environmentalist, a consultant on ethnic diversity, and, most astonishing of all, a Republican. But 30 years ago, Eldridge Cleaver, arguably the most remarkable figure to emerge from the black power movement of the late 1960s, was simultaneously idolised, feared and loathed as few others have been in America.

The nearest he came to formal public office was as “Information Minister” of the Black Panthers, the radical and violent black nationalist movement founded by Bobby Seale in Oakland, California, in 1966. Continue

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