Daily Bird of Prey Showcase – Golden Eagle

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Damn golden eagles are badass,

Their wingspan is in excess of 7 feet, they have razor-sharp talons and they can cover an area of up to 60 square miles. Golden eagles are the Andrew Carnegie of birds of prey. They snack on everything from marmots, foxes, and bears to reptiles and hipsters. They mean business. Period.

Yosemite National Park has been a de-facto sanctuary for golden eagles for the past century. The Yosemite golden eagle population and its environment have remained relatively intact through the twentieth century. However, on a national scale since 1940, the Code of Federal Regulations has listed the species as endangered.

The unique seismic activity of Yosemite give it an abundance of fragmented rock structures and their accompanying cliffs which golden eagles prefer for nesting (particularly between 5,000 to 7,000 feet…which Yosemite has in spades).


The golden eagle is the most common national animal in the world with 5 nations giving it that distinction: Albania, Austria, Mexico, Kazakhstan and Germany. The traditional reverence given to the symbolic image of the golden eagle traces the historical ties between the modern world and its roots in Roman civilization.

The image of the golden eagle was representative of the Roman legions. As the Roman Empire thrived and expanded the golden eagle began to serve as a symbol of Roman culture in general. The legacy that Roman life left on American society can be seen in our:

  • Adoption of the bald eagle (close relative to the golden) as our national symbol
  • Use of the word Senate as the upper house of Congress
  • Perseverance of the Roman numeral system
  • The prevalence of neo classical architecture in American public buildings
  • The primary character in Super Mario Bros being of Italian descent
  • Italian ice

Stick all that in your pipe and have a puff.

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