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Dead Person of the Day April 12 – Marilyn Chambers

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To some today’s DPD is just another road sign on careen American caravan heading straight to utter damnation. To others, she was a shrewd business woman willing to exploit the so called ‘sexual revolution’ that was exploding in America during the 1960s and 70s.

Marilyn Chambers.

Born in good ole Providence Rhode Island and growing up in Connecticut she was the all American girl. She was a diver, gymnast and cheerleader in high school and appeared in commercials for Clairol and Coca-Cola. She got into acting after high school and just responded to an ad to audition for a ‘major film’ while she was making ends meet in San Francisco. It wasn’t until she began filling out forms that she realized she was auditioning for a porn.

A bit hesitant the directors of the film enticed her by offering a lead role. She accepted but not before demanding $25,000 and a percentage of the gross…..unheard of at that time. Essentially she was asking for Hollywood money for a smut film. And she got it! At that point that point the never flinching lesson of economics was sent out to the community in the know. There was money to be made here for the folks that wanted to get involved. Chambers would later be a driving force in the burgeoning home video rental market in the 1980s that was essentially dominated by porn.

But there was a larger message to mainstream America. In the midst of Chambers plunge into porn she had signed an advertising deal with Proctor and Gamble and was the cover girl for Ivory Snow detergent with the slogan “99 44/100 percent pure.” Obviously you see the issue here. P&G pulled all the ads but the message to America was “if the ivory snow girl could go into porn unashamed, then maybe the genre wasn’t so sooty”.

Fast forward 40 years and you have our current porn industry. Chambers was perhaps a visionary, perhaps a savvy businesswoman, perhaps the girl next door, or perhaps the perv. That’s not for me to decide. I’ll let the halls of illumination weigh in. Two items on a parting note:

  1. Perhaps her oddest move came in 2004 presidential election when she Vice President on the Personal Choice Party ticket; she received 946 votes.
  2. Shame on the Providence Journal for not even having an obit available for use on the NOR…tisk tisk.

P.S. please make a point of watching the dance scene at the end of the above video.

Take this obit with you and make sure to look both ways before reading.

Marilyn Chambers, 56, ‘Green Door’ Star, Found Dead in Her California Home

Matt Schudel

Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Marilyn Chambers, 56, the onetime Ivory Snow model who became the star of the pornographic film “Behind the Green Door,” a salacious sensation that helped hard-core movies find a mass audience and a measure of public acceptance, was found dead April 12 at her home in Santa Clarita, Calif. Continue

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