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Dead Person of the Day March 28 – Pro Hart

0 Comments 28 March 2012

Wow Folks!

We’re going to take a little adventure today! This morning’s DPD comes all the way from down under. Pro Hart (full name Kevin Charles Hart). Pro was a nickname, short for professor.

Boy, this guy was a firecracker. Hart was one of the first painters to include in his works a secretly-placed DNA sample taken from his cheek cells to stop forgers. He compiled a database of where exactly the DNA was placed on every painting as well as the title, size and rightful owner of the work. Why the heck don’t more artist do this? Truly give a piece of themselves in their art. Eh, who know?

A man after my own heart, Mr. Hart was an avid conspiracy theorist. Among other things Hart was convinced the Australian government was covering up UFO sightings (check) and that there was a secret worldwide database that had information on every human (also check). Man, me and Pro should’ve hung around together!

Pro Hart was a self-taught artist using mainly oils and acrylics. Hart layered, glazed, scumbled and scratched – or as he put it: “I chucked the paint on.” Its good to find a prolific artist with some levity.

He’s considered one of the greatest artists ever to come out of Australia and in 1976 Hart was awarded an MBE for his services to art in Australia and in 1982 received an Honorary Life Membership of Society International Artistique for outstanding artistic achievement. G’day!

If you like the artwork above check out some more at his website.

In semi-related news while the NOR staff was discussing the DPD into the wee hours of the morning last night we discovered that Murder, She Wrote has the most riDICculous list of famous cameos for any show. Ever. If you don’t believe me look it up!

Step aside sonny so I can get my obit on!

(Congrats to Sydney Morning Herald for their first appearance on the NOR)

Artist Pro Hart dies

March 28, 2006 – 11:24AM

During working hours, Pro Hart hurled spaghetti, splattered tomato sauce and chucked jam.

“Oh Mr Hart, what a mess!”

A legendary painter of outback Australia, Hart was almost as famous for his carpet-cleaning ads.

But whether it was his sweeping landscapes, or 30 seconds of TV fame, Hart became a household name in Australia – and one of the most popular contemporary artists of our time.

Surrounded by his family, the 77-year-old died early today at his Broken Hill home after battling motor neurone disease. Continue

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