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Dead Person of the Day March 6 – Mark Linkous (aka Sparklehorse)

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Jeez, I thought I had a tough trip to London this past summer with an eye infection until I read about Linkous’ escapade. His debut album caught the attention of Radiohead whom invited them to join their tour in 1996.

It was while touring that Linkous lost consciousness for 14 hours in a London hotel room after taking a mixture of valium and anti-depressants and watching 14 straight hours of Absolutely Fabulous. This trapped his legs. After paramedics straightened his legs he suffered a heart attack — he was declared dead for two minutes — and was in hospital for many weeks. Linkous then spent six months in a wheelchair and later underwent several operations on his legs.

Shit. I thought I was dead for two minutes but it turned out I was in a food coma from too many fluffernutters.

Come on people. Do us all a favor if you’re a talented artist please….PLEASE don’t kill yourself or else we’ll only be left with the likes of Bruno Mars. Shit is already bad enough at least give us a musical outlet.

The Singer-Songwriter Known as Sparklehorse Is Dead at 47


Mark Linkous, a singer-songwriter whose music, released under the name Sparklehorse, was renowned in the indie-rock and alt-country worlds for its dark, allusive themes and fragile beauty, committed suicide on Saturday in Knoxville, Tenn. He was 47.

He shot himself in the heart in an alley outside a friend’s home, said his manager, Shelby Meade. Lt. Greg Hoskins of the Knoxville Police Department confirmed that the police responded to a call at 1:20 p.m., and that Mr. Linkous was pronounced dead at the scene. According to his family, Mr. Linkous owned the gun that he used. Continue

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