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Dead Person of the Day January 24 – Chris Penn

0 Comments 24 January 2012


For two aspects in particular today’s DPD is the reason why the NOR puts the time and effort in.

1.) Chris Penn is a great American actor that doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. His brooding undercurrents of darkness highlighted in The Funeral (clip above) were essential to many of the independent films he starred in during the mid to late 80s before indie films were en vogue.

Having grabbed some of the spotlight as Nice Guy Eddie in Taratino’s classic Reservoir Dogs is proof positive that having been 10 years younger Penn would have been a mega star.

2.) The Independents obit for Mr. Penn is the stuff that dreams are made of. Go ahead. Give it a read. That obit wants to make me watch more Chris Penn movies. The Legacy factor is through the roof. Easily 9.5 out of 10 lytles on the obit scale.

Listen, i’m a proponent of the school of thought that says one should be forthcoming with cause of death in the obit. After I read Mr. Gilbey’s obit I found myself not even asking myself the question.

Well done.

So do yourself a favor and watch some Sean Penn films. Reservoir Dogs should be easy but I also recommend Altmann’s cult classic Short Cuts.

Lets get this week kicked off right.

P.S. on a side note the mention of the Brat Pack in this obit prompted me to check out their wiki page. Fascinating that anyone really gave a shit.

Christopher Shannon “Chris” Penn (October 10, 1965 – January 24, 2006)

Christopher Penn, actor: born Los Angeles 10 October 1965; (one daughter deceased); died Santa Monica, California 24 January 2006.

Chris Penn was destined even in death to remain overshadowed by his Oscar-winning sibling – “Sean Penn’s Brother Found Dead,” the media reported after his body was found in his apartment in Santa Monica, California on Tuesday. Continue 


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