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Dead Person Of The Day December 7 – Darby Crash

0 Comments 07 December 2011

Well folks, if Darby’s story teaches us anything its that timing is everything. John Lennon really screwed this guy over. Also, heroine is definitely not the best for you.

Today’s DPD comes to us from Abbie Hoffman at LA Weekly (congrats for a first time on the NOR but…). I’d give 3 out of 10 lytles to this piece but its the only TRUE obit I could find. If you’d like a more comprehensive background on Darby or The Germs in general (which I recommend). I’d suggest looking at Tim Adam’s write-up in The Guardian dating back to 2008.

Let’s do it!

Darby Crash (September 26, 1958 – December 7, 1980)

The self-inflicted death of Darby Crash this past Sunday has sent major shock waves through the remnants of L.A.’s original punk community. In its effect, it is comparable to the shock people are feeling about John Lennon’s assassination. Though the comparison might seem preposterous to some, Darby was a definite figurehead, a symbol to a lot of kids in much the same way James Dean was a symbol to a generation of frustrated teenagers, a person who was struggling to find his way out of the void even as he fell deeper into it. Those who grieve for Lennon mourn the passing of a poet, the voice of a generation. Those who grieve for Darby mourn an anti-poet for an anti-scene, and the passing of a major writing talent that had only started to show its full potential. Continue

Also this interview is HILARIOUS. I feel the same way about painters (except for maybe one)

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