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Reader Submission – Ham-Fisted Endeaver

0 Comments 06 December 2011

The sun was hot, forming beads of sweat on his skin that was covered by the uncomfortable clothes he was involuntarily wearing, but the job went on because of the reward he was told to come. As the check writers stood idly by he’s left wondering…why do I do my job to the best of my ability? Why do we buy into their propaganda when it’s full of false promises? No sense in complaining he thought, no one ever listens to what comes out of his mouth whether it’s a joke or a good idea. But the irony is that it’s all it was, a joke. But he knows there’s no hope on the other end, like feeding your girlfriend too many drinks on a Saturday night when you were really looking forward to getting laid.  Now he’s just left sitting there with his dick in his hand wondering ‘why do I always let this happen?’. And the answer is more consistent than his bosses condescending remarks… there are no other options.

Riley Sinclair

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