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The Song And Dance Review

0 Comments 02 December 2011

I get a lot of music sent to me by all kinds of different people from places all over. ALL OVER! While most of it is pure piss in your face (the bad way), once in awhile I find a gem that should be unleashed to the world. How this process works is I try and find a way to distract myself (e.g. yard work, an article, the Mayflower Dog Show) and see what can fight through my distraction and come to the forefront.

Make me listen. Go ahead, make me. This is the saga of my latest gem.

Today I decided to go with an article and some background noise. I thumbed the pages of cd book #234. This one contains some dust collectors. Things I just haven’t gotten around to listening too for one reason or another.

For some reason I stopped at a place I had skipped by so many times before – the Highway Ghosts lost album After All This Time.

For me the Highway Ghosts kind of lost their way after the smash hit sing ‘Sniff This’, in which the entire song is about scented markers but you don’t find out until the end. Now they have a chance for redemption….but will they take it!?

I strolled out out on the porch with the ole corn cob and some apricot baccy and took a seat in the rocker with my Better Home and Gardens magazine. I hit play and began reading.

The first couple of tracks went by without a second look. The Ghosts could make my eyes leave the page or my brain wander. At the start of the third track, ‘Troubled Shoes’, my eyes began to shift away from Grass Seed: Behind the Mystery to look at the CD player with excitement.

I stood up then sat down. I was all in!

Now sitting in front of the cd player I started the song from the beginning so I could absorb the entire song.

The song embodied the strong bond a man has with his shoes, “You took me away from so many hard times”. Yes. It encompassed the entire journey of a dynamic set of shoes from beginning to end.

Starting with the thrill of the hunt, “Out here Saturday morning hoping to find something new”. To the actual find of a new, comfortable pair, “A smile hit my face when I saw you. I felt even better when I tried you on for size’. Knowing that your feet are so fashionable that they’re maximizing their potential. “We look so good together”. To the inevitable downfall of structure and comfort, “It seems now this isn’t going to last”.

Finally, at the point of pure sadness when you realize that your shoes have given you all they had to give and it’s time to move on, “You gave me all you had to give and it’s time to move on”.

I was moved.

The genius of the Highway Ghosts takes over at this point. The song slows down and you think its ending and on such a sad note until the guitar kicks back in, the chords get heavier and louder and your hunting again, “I saw you through the front window and knew you had to be mine”. Ending the song on a power note. WOW.

I didn’t have the fortitude to keep the disc on after that. Emotionally and physically exhausted I tried to back into my article but to no avail. After a few feeble attempts I threw the magazine back down, sat in front of the cd player again and hit it.

Skipjack Mackilwanny


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