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Dead Person Of The Day November 21 – Dar Robinson

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Happy Turkey Week. A personal favorite here at the NOR. But its bitter sweet because imagine all the great stories that could be told in the obits of all those turkeys (sign). HOWEVER, we’ve got one hell of a DPD for you today. A real man’s man. Dar Robinson was a true badass. Check out these credentials…..

Robinson held several world records, including a high fall into an air bag (311 feet), a high fall while on fire (190 feet) and the longest car jump from ramp to surface (179 feet). In addition, he held several “World’s First” records. He was the first stunt man to complete a sky dive transfer from one airplane to another and was the first to sky dive out of a cargo plane while seated in a small sports car, according to a spokesman for De Laurentiis.

Not to mention he played a key role in a scene that, at the time, made Mel Gibson one of the coolest guys in Hollywood (yes, even considering this was during Christian Slaters reign). Read the obit. It’s informative, compelling and gives all you film buffs a great view of what happened behind the curtain in relation to stunts.

Dar Allen Robinson (March 26, 1947 – November 21, 1986)

November 23, 1986|CAROL McGRAW | Times Staff Writer

In a spectacular stunt, Dar Allen Robinson crashed his motorcycle into a guardrail at 40 m.p.h. and vaulted into a safety net. Then, he did it again to perfect the movie scene being shot in the Arizona desert.

But several hours later Friday afternoon, Robinson was killed in what his colleagues said was a routine motorcycle chase scene. Considered one of the most talented, gutsiest and safest stunt men in the world, he died after he plunged off a 40-foot embankment, hit a rock ledge and was gored by a sagebrush limb. Continue

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