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Ask Norman – Too Young For Dysfunction?

0 Comments 16 November 2011

Dear Norman,

My girlfriend and I have been together for a little over a year and been sexually active exclusively from pretty much the beginning.  Recently though, I’ve been having trouble staying “aroused”as long as I used to and its clearly effecting our bang sessions.  I’m only 25, I didn’t think this sort of stuff happened until I reached my 30s, so I wonder if its just all in my head.  Any suggestions to help or get rid of this problem?

Flaccid in Phoenix


Dear Flaccid!

First of all congrats because you say you’ve “been sexually active exclusively from pretty much the beginning”. I have been known to enter into intimacy with a woman from time to time and can certainly attest to the fact that its not easy. However, I’m familiar with your issue and I have a few suggestions.

#1. Watch a few movies starring Daniel Day Lewis. Don’t ask questions, just make it happen. Worst case…you stop wearing pleats.

#2. If possible, stop masturbating. You and I both know you know how to touch yourself in a way thats pleasing. Give your girlfriend a fair shot! She does not have your experience with YOUR chips and salsa. Similar to international markets, leveling the playing can only benefit.

#3. Ask your girl friend about things that piss her off. Watching your girlfriend express her anger can only be sexually arousing.

Thanks for writing, and eat shell fish (but check on allergies first please!)


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