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Nicole Mohr might not be a complete nitwit but when it comes to writing obits that broad is living in la la land. She submitted a ‘How-To’ piece to help the grieving through the process of writing an obit. Her heart is in the right place. It really is. But these days good intentions are worth a nickel and a slap & tickle if ya know what I mean. Eh…eh?

Take this for example. Nicole writes “You may decide you do not feel that it is necessary to place an obituary in your local paper, and that is absolutely fine.”

Wait, what?! Is she out of her effing mind? Leave nothing for posterity? Have a loved one’s memory wither away with bone, cloth and Alzheimer’s? Thanks Nicole, great advice.

She goes on to say that “Poems, Bible Verses, Song Lyrics, Etc…can be placed anywhere throughout the obituary” for a “personal touch”

I want to like Nicole but its lines like this that make me think she doesn’t do the NYT’s crossword after Tuesday.

This was the line that really got me. “If you are the one writing the obituary, you may want to consult with other family members to see if there is anything that they would really like to see included in the obituary.”

Folks, this is exactly what we’re talking about. You, of all people, know your family. Do you want these people in charge of your legacy? If you’re anything like us….of course you don’t! You want to marginalize them so you see them AT MOST at family gatherings and holidays. Your obit isn’t about them….its about YOU. So take control!

You want your obit to be handled by a trained professional that is going to make you look dashing, heroic, valiant, sophisticated, thoughtful and many other impressive adjectives for posterity!

So please, if you think your time on this planet might be coming to an end soon. Or if you just want to get a head start, do yourself a favor and please contact us for a free consultation.

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