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Wednesday Poem of the week – Hot and Wonderful by T.W. Snicket

0 Comments 21 September 2011

Hot and Wonderful


Cement roses painted sky blue

smell of a hot spring morning

The piano on the third floor

Sax on the forth


On the right note

it will make you tear

heart fills with promise

only to drive away to nothing


Among these crowded streets

I sense her presence

My one

Was that her. Gone


The door swings open

to the rush of staleness

Routine hellos make me laugh

they can’t mean it this isn’t the Midwest


Turn on

Plug in





How is the weather

Someday I will tell them not to ask me that ever again

Hot (but I only got to enjoy it for a 10 minute walk, its 65 in this cold hell)

Business, Business, Business, Fuck Me

Nice talking to you too. Have a great day






Real Air

Hot and wonderful


Among these crowded streets

I sense her presence again

My one

Was that her. Gone


As I pass by the bar

Hemingway’s sun also rises in hand

is it that I am reading Hemingway

that brings me into the bar

Not like i didn’t come in when I

wasn’t reading it

No matter

Bull Fights, drinking, whoring

Yes I’ll take ah pilsner


But today I am not the only one reading

She glances over checking out the front cover

I think

She has something by (author)

Another pilsner

Eyes meet

Good book she says

Ya I can’t believe it’s taking me this long to pick it up

Separated by 5 seats

Mind if I join you


She moves her bag

Love (author) especially (book not what she is reading)

I just started on this

Captures your attention


My name it Tom


Very nice to meet you





Beer on me

News of the day

Just moved here

Date set up

Walk her home

Was on my way any way


Was it a miserable afternoon

Was it the afternoon that brought me to the bar

Or Hemingway

Doesn’t matter

I kill on Dates


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