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Reader Submission – Gulf of Mexico Part I

0 Comments 14 September 2011

Gulf of Mexico Part I
by M. Henault

the red wine has almost erased my mind

like the waves crashing along the coast

of the gulf of mexico

erase the footsteps

the sand castle dreams

the imprints of lovers

erases all things tangible

embedded in the sand


the waves cover

the lines left by fisherman

and the cigarettes of losers

the ashes of their dreams

as the rhythms

of water

and shorebirds

and shells diminish to sand


and leave it to the gulf

to bury all its secrets

in shallow water

not far from shore

where anyone truly inspired

could wade to the truth


but here the wine is too good,

the sunshine too sublime

and no one wants much more

than to be carried away

by the rhythms

of water

and shorebirds

and hopefully

be diminished to sand



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